Vanessa Cage Moms Challenge

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Vanessa Cage made lunch for her stepson Jason, but he talks back to her. Even as Vanessa is telling Jason to make his own lunch, she catches him checking her out. She tells him that his dick is probably as crusty as he says her sandwiches are. When Vanessa insists that Jason pull it out, he hesitates long enough for his stepmommy to do it for him.

The wheels in Vanessa’s head immediately start turning when she sees how well hung her stepson is. Rude or not, she wants to jump his bones. She guides him to the bedroom, where she shows off her incredible tits and equally yummy ass. Jason watches as Vanessa gives him a BJ with her hot mouth, stroking him off at the root.

When Vanessa straddles him and sinks down on his fuck stick, Jason is totally rapt. She moves on to cowgirl where he gets to watch those tan lined titties bouncing, and then gets on her back so he can fuck her right. On her knees, Vanessa spreads her own booty cheeks to open herself for Jason to give it to her. She’s finally sated as she rolls over for Jason to nut on her stomach, at which point she admits that she doesn’t think he has a crusty dick.