Syren De Mer – Out Of The Picture

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Syren De Mer and her stepson, Tyler Cruise, are busy packing away some personal belongings. Tyler’s biological parent cheated on Syren, which has led to him running away and leaving Tyler and Syren behind. They’re both resentful, but especially Syren, who should’ve known her husband was cheating — after all, SHE was once his mistress, too!

Tyler assures her that there’s nothing else that can be done now. All they can do is focus on the future. Syren knows he’s right as she reflects on some old family photos they just put away. That’s when they’re inspired to take NEW family photos with just them. Although Syren thinks they need a professional photographer, Tyler insists all they need is his phone and a smile.

As they take some pictures together, things unexpectedly start to heat up between them. Although the pictures are innocent at first, their close proximity sparks something new and exciting between them. They try to deny the sudden attraction to each other out of guilt, but then realize that they have absolutely no reason to be loyal to the scumbag that left them…