Siri Dahl – Cucking His Moms Boyfriend

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Jayden Marcos enters the kitchen for breakfast and sees his stepmom, Siri Dahl, with her boyfriend, Chad Alva. Jayden doesn’t seem fond of Chad, and it soon becomes clear why: as Siri makes Jayden’s breakfast, Chad’s crude behavior shows that he’s crass and a moocher. Jayden grows increasingly angered by Chad’s disrespect towards Siri.

Eventually, Jayden can’t hold it in anymore, and confronts Siri about her letting Chad treat her so poorly. Jayden insists that he’d treat Siri a lot better if he were her partner. Chad becomes embarrassed and angry, but his attempt at arguing is cut off when Jayden declares that he’s the man of the house, and he won’t let Chad disrespect Siri under HIS roof anymore! Siri is unexpectedly turned on by Jayden’s assertive attitude.

Chad is shocked and disgusted as Siri throws herself at Jayden. Chad tries to salvage the situation by saying that he knows Siri is just trying to upset him, and that she’s not REALLY going to have sex with her stepson. But Siri takes him up on that challenge and has passionate sex with Jayden, cuckolding Chad and taunting him throughout. Chad shows his true colors as he pathetically watches them fuck in front of him.