Sera Ryder – You Want To Be A Pornstar Right?

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Drop out of school and become a porn star? Great plan… if you can hang. Ethan Seeks thinks he can. He tells his stepsister, Sera Ryder. She thinks their stepmom will kill him. Plus she isn’t sure Ethan has what it takes anyway. But she’s curious. Later that night Sera wants to cuddle and snuggle like they used to. She presses her cute little ass into her stepbro’s crotch. It doesn’t take long before she notices his bulge and calls him out. But he wanted to be a pornstar, right? Ethan is up for the challenge and pulls out his big hard cock to show his stepsister. She is in awe, her stepbrother really is packing a big one! She asks if she can touch it and Ethan lets her. She wants to suck it now, she can’t get it in her mouth fast enough! Sera rides her stepbro, swinging her petite ass down on his fat cock. Ethan jackhammers his stepsister’s hairy little hole until she has multiple shaking orgasms. Ethan pulls out of his spent stepsister and she sucks the cum right out of his cock. Maybe, just maybe this will work for the guy!