Scarlett Sage – Lonely Together

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Scarlett (Sage) is taking naughty selfies of herself (topless) in her bedroom, as her stepdad (Ryan Driller) stands silently in the doorway, watching herm definitely not in a fatherly way. The young beauty suddenly spies him there, and covers herself up, shocked at his peeking at her. He takes her phone and scrolls through a lengthy set of her partially nude photos. She’s embarrassed, confessing that she posts these shots on the internet when she’s feeling down and lonely. (We can’t hear Ryan’s responses in the POV-camera format, but can follow the conversation from Scarlett’s statements, plus hand gestures by him.) She’s surprised that he’s in a similar situation, not having sex of late with her mom. “Well, I mean if we’re going to be lonely, we have each other”, she reassures daddy, and Scarlett’s body language makes it clear what she’s driving at. She goes over to her bed and lies down, asking daddy about his problems, while she casually plays footsie, rubbing her foot along his thigh. As Ryan responds by feeling her thigh, his daughter briefly flashes him a glipse of her neatly trimmed bush -she’s not wearing any panties under her dress, before coyly covering up again. “I just want you to like me”, she says, seeming very innocent, but suggestively taking daddy’s index finger and sucking on it suggestively (his gold wedding band prominently in sight). “I don’t bite, I just want to get to know my stepdad a little bit more”, she explains. She begins to unbutton daddy’s jeans, but he reaches out to stop her. Scarlett apologizes: “Sorry, I misinterpreted, I just thought you wanted to…”, then shifts gears and says: “Is your cock hard, daddy?” She fondles his cock inside his jeans and asks quietly: “Do you want to see more of me, daddy?”. She pulls down her dress to reveal her small breasts and pert nipples, then turns to shimmy out of it, displaying her pretty behind and her bald pussy in rear view. She rubs her breasts, looking plaintively at daddy, and then unbuttons and removes his jeans, revealing his big, erect dick. “Wow, I didn’t know your cock was so big!”, she exclaims, adding: “So heavy”, as she cups it in her hands. Stroking it, she declares: “I don’t think this is gonna fit”. Licking the shaft, she takes the tip in her mouth, whispering: “You taste so good, daddy”. Watch the taboo scene unfold…