Roxie Sinner Sis Can Make You Bust In 2 Mins Or Less

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Roxie Sinner is full of tips & tricks. She is chatting with her friend, telling her how she can get her guy off in 2 minutes with a blowjob, when her stepbrother James Angel overhears their conversation. Intrigued, James decides to keep listening, but he wasn’t expecting what came next – Roxie demonstrating her amazing blowjob technique to her friend on a dildo over chat! James could barely contain himself and that’s when his stepsister picked up on his presence. Roxie demanded James explain himself and he had to admit he was eavesdropping on her. James tells his stepsister that if she can make him cum in 2 minutes, she can use his car all weekend! Roxie doesn’t hesitate – she gets a timer out and starts sucking her stepbrother’s dick. After a moment, it looks like James is going to lose, so he proposes he at least fuck his stepsister’s pussy and she agrees. Roxie twerks her beautiful ass all over her stepbro’s cock as her big tits bounce around. James slams his stepsister’s fluffy muff to multiple orgasms before nutting all over pussy. Needless to say, Roxie has a ride for the weekend now!