Roxie Sinner – Hand Comes In Handy Again

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Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. When Spikey overhears his older stepsister Roxie Sinner has been invited to a New Year’s party, he’s a little jealous of her. She looks great in her outfit, but wants Spikey Dee to help her look perfect for some dude at the party. Of course, he can’t resist and tries to cop a feel of his stepsister’s fat tits – resulting in a quick smack to the face! But what if it didn’t? What if – instead – Roxie liked her stepbrother feeling up her juicy boobs!? What if she decided to stay home and fuck Spikey instead of going to the New Year’s party!!?? She’d pull out her stepbrother’s cock and slurp & lick it until it was nice and hard. She’d use her amazing tits to jerk his dick off. Then she’d climb on top and slide her soaking pussy on to Spikey’s raging boner. Her beautiful knockers would flop around in his face as she bounced on him. She’d rub her hairy muff as her stepbrother pounded away at her eager hole. Then she’d let him cum all over pretty face. What if!? What if she caught Spikey jerking off to those thoughts IN HER ROOM??? I hope you bros have a better New Year’s than Spikey did!