River Lynn How A Real Cowgirl Rides

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Jay Romero is looking to choose a new stepsister, but first he gets to go through the potential newcomer’s room and see what she’s all about. His first contestant is River Lynn, a real country girl who likes to get down and dirty on the farm. While River watches remotely, Jay goes through her room and commentates on his impressions. When he finds her vibrator hidden in a guitar, River can’t believe it.

When Jay and River come face to face, River wastes no time in coming on to him. Practically before Jay knows what’s up, his potential little stepsis has crawled into his lap with her miniskirt riding high as they make out. There’s plenty of time for the two to get intimately acquainted as Jay suckles River’s titties and licks and finger fucks her juicy cooch. In return, her blowjob is sloppy and oh so enthusiastic!

They come together in cowgirl, of course, and then move on to reverse cowgirl with River moaning and squealing. A doggy style pussy pounding is next on their agenda as they fuck to see if they’re compatible, complete with using River’s belt as a makeshift harness. They finish off with Jay spooned behind River, where he pulls out and nuts on her landing strip. They may have had fun in bed, but they both know that River is not the little stepsister that Jay is looking for.