Rissa May – Stay With Me, Daddy

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Rissa May – Stay With Me, Daddy

Rissa (May) is despondent: her birth father contacted her recently after a long spell, and when they went out to dinner together he asked her for money. She feels little warmth from her mother, and her stepdad is cool and aloof.

When stepfather Brad (Newman) asks her what’s wrong, she doesn’t let him help her and he feels offended -after all, he’s taking care of both her and her mother. She breaks down and tells him about her problem with her dad, but admits she can’t relate to him as stepfather either -he’s never offered her any affection at all. Brad wants to help, but Rissa just doesn’t trust him, and doesn’t even know if he’ll leave her and mom someday.

Stepdad confides in her that: “You need to be touched. Men also need to be touched”. He’s feeling neglected by her mom in the sexual area. In fact, mom’s currently away, staying with grandma. Impulsively, Rissa kisses him. “What was that for?”, Brad asks. “If mom can’t give you what you need, maybe I can?”, she wonders. Brad gets up, quite upset with his daughter. “You’re not going to tell mom, are you?”, she asks. “You’re not going to replace your mother”, he declares, and leaves her bedroom.

Left alone on her bed, Rissa lifts up her top and begins caressing her large, natural breasts. She unzips her jeans and begins masturbating, murmuring about her stepdaddy. Unbeknownst to her, Brad is outside the door, his ear pressed against it, listening intently. She fantasizes out loud that he’s making love to her. Eventually he leaves -he’s heard enough.

Late at night, Rissa comes to his bedroom while Brad’s fast asleep. She stealthily climbs on the bed next to him and without waking him carefully pulls down the blankets. She lightly lets her hand travel down stepdaddy’s torso and whispers “just a peek”, as she takes his pyjama bottoms aside to peer underneath. Making sure he’s still asleep, she lightly strokes his groin, and Brad suddenly wakes up and backs away from her with a start, yelling: “Rissa!”.

He turns on the light and admonishes her: “What the hell is wrong with you?”. “I just wanted to take a peek, and then I saw…”, she responds. “This is wrong”, he declares. “Wouldn’t it be better this way -we both need touch and love. It’ll take the pressure off mom”, she points out. Rissa bends over and kisses her stepfather on the lips over and over, wearing down his resistance. “You’ll stay then, daddy? You won’t leave us?”, she purrs. “I’ll be your daddy, as long as you’re my good girl”, he states, with a wry smile, adding: “Undress for daddy”. Rissa slowly lifts off her top, proudly revealing her huge breasts for daddy to see. He removes her socks and panties, and then watches her masturbate. She takes off daddy’s pyjama bottoms and begins sucking his big cock, going as far as she can down the shaft. “Am I doing a good job, daddy?”, she asks. Watch the sensual taboo scene unfold…

Rissa May - Stay With Me, Daddy
Rissa May – Stay With Me, Daddy