Reagan Foxx Husbandly Duties

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A new bride and groom, Alicia (Maya Woulfe) and Jack (Nathan Bronson), are about to celebrate their marriage by making love. However, as they enter the bedroom, Alicia’s parent and Jack’s new in-law, Helen (Reagan Foxx), is there waiting for them. Instantly, Alicia and Jack are taken aback… but Jack becomes even more confused once Alicia starts pleading with Helen for more time together.

It turns out that when Alicia and Jack started dating, Helen decided that Alicia MUST marry Jack. Helen gave Alicia specific instructions to make sure she would seem perfect for Jack, and Alicia obeyed every instruction. Helen says the plan was for Alicia to gain Jack’s total trust so he would agree to letting Helen, a lawyer, write the prenuptial agreement. The kicker is that the prenup includes a clause that Helen gets to have sex with Jack as much as she wants.

Jack is shocked, but Helen reminds him that she is VERY influential and could help him to get a successful future in whatever he wants. All he has to do is keep her happy.

Jack is upset, insisting that Helen shouldn’t use him OR Alicia for her amusement. Alicia is moved, and tries to get Helen to back down. But Helen gets Alicia to be quiet, leaving Jack without an ally. But not all is lost, certainly. Helen assures Jack that he can still have his fairy tale marriage to Alicia. He just has the extra duty of pleasing Helen whenever she comes by for a visit, which will guarantee him a bright future…