Rachael Cavalli Your New Aunt

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Lily (Rachael Cavalli) is puttering around the living room, when her nephew (Ricky Spanish) can’t resist: the sight of her curvaceous derriere, exposed as nearly bare as she bends over a couch, causes him to indulge in a bit of grab-ass. She’s embarrassed and introduces herself -it’s the first time they’ve met. Lily is visiting to help her sister (Ricky’s stepmom) with chores following the death of Ricky’s father. (Ricky is silent, with the POV-camera’s movements indicating his assent or disagreement.) He follows her to his bedroom as she picks up clothing for the wash. “Your mom says you’re a big help -you make her feel good. I mean, not in a strange, sex way, but she says you’re very kind to her”, Lily says nervously. Sitting down on the bed, embarrassed, she covers her face with her hands, declaring: “I feel so stupid. She probably shouldn’t have told me -my sister told me that you two had had sex”. Ricky looks down toward the floor sheepishly. “I don’t think that she or you did anything wrong. I mean you’re so young and handsome -I can see why she fell for you”, Lily concedes. They both get up from his bed and Ricky gently puts his hand over her heart. His hand slowly moves down to knead her left breast, and Lily murmurs: “It’s so long since I’ve had a man touch me like that”. She sits back down on the bed and asks: “Can I tell you a secret? I imagined that this would have happened”. Ricky sits on the bed and slowly moves the straps on her dress to the side, pulling down the garment to reveal her huge breasts -Lily isn’t wearing a bra! He begins fondling them and tweaking her nipples. Lily, looking sultry, whispers to him: “Can I?”. She unzips and pulls down Ricky’s jeans and underpants, with his big dick popping out, already erect. She begins giving him a blow-job, taking his dick deep down into her throat. Watch the taboo scene unfold…