Rachael Cavalli – We’re Family Now

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Stepmom (Rachael Cavalli) is cleaning surfaces in the kitchen, bending over to fetch a towel, and revealing her gorgeous apple bottom inside its short and tight leather skirt. She turns around in surprise, to see her stepson (Jason Pierce). “Sorry. I’m not used to having you around the house with me. Your father won’t be home until this evening. Maybe this is a good time to get to know each other? I’m not used to having an adult stepson. Do I feel like a mom? Maybe if I were more handy -let me get you a glass of water”, she says. Stepmom goes to the refrigerator and pulls out a bottled water and opens it, splashing water on her blouse. Jason gets the towel and starts wiping her off, feeling up her huge breasts in a frankly sexual way. “Thank you, son”, she says, smiling nervously. “Oh, I’ve made a mess all over myself -I should go change. I’m not usually this nervous. I don’t know what’s wrong with me”, she continues. They go to her room together, and stepmom sits on her bed. “You have to have a sturdy mattress if you really want to enjoy life”, she says. “Sorry, I’m not usually this awkward. I guess I forgot how handsome you are”, she notes sheepishly. Going to the closet she looks inside, returning to Jason, and declaring: “I told your father I needed new shirts -all mine are at the cleaners”, and removes her wet top, revealing her breasts bulging out of her blue see-through bra. “We’re family now, right? So maybe this is a good look for me. Tell me the truth -did it make you hard? (We can’t hear Jason’s answers, relying on Rachael’s responses to fill in the blanks.) You’re lying! I’ve seen you feeling yourself up in the kitchen”, she declares. “You know your father gives me everything I could want. Money is no object, but it’s never enough. Some say I’m a gold-digger but he gets something out of it too: a beautiful woman. You understand what I’m saying, right? But you know what your father loves the most in the whole entire world? You”, she finishes, moving over to Jason across the bed and underlining her point by reaching out her long finger to tap his chest. Her fingers run down his body to touch his groin, and she murmurs: “You’re a big boy, and what belongs to him belongs to me. If I give you a little present, could it be our little secret? You’ve thought about fucking me, your stepmom”. (The first-person camera moves up and down, signifying Jason’s Yes.) “You ever lay in bed at night and wonder what it’s like to have my lips wrapped around your cock? I imagine that too. After your father falls asleep at night, I lie there touching myself, imagining what it would feel like with your cock inside of me. Your being my stepson makes it hotter. I know it’s wrong, but I always want what I can’t have”, she whispers to him. She lowers his pants, revealing his big cock. “It’s much more beautiful than I ever could have imagined”, she purrs. Leaning her head down, stepmom begins gently sucking his dick, noting: “It tastes so good”. Watch the taboo scene unfold…