Penelope Kay Penelope’s Prank War

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Stepsiblings Penelope and Austin are constantly playing tricks on one another, trying to one-up each other and make the other tap out. They’re both ruthless and love seeing the other squirm. But things change when Austin walks in on Penelope in the bathtub, sitting on the ledge with her legs up, masturbating with a big dildo. He knows he shouldn’t watch, but Penelope is looking incredibly hot, and he’s never noticed how turned on he is by his stepsister. She doesn’t notice him and is getting closer and closer to climax. Her tits look fantastic wet, and Austin can’t help but desire her incredible body. When she does notice him, he quickly bolts away. Penelope tries to get back at Austin by sucking his cock a little and leaving him with blue balls. He can’t get his stepsister off his mind. She sucked his cock like no one ever has, and his lust for her gets greater and greater with each passing moment. Austin finally gets his chance to let out all his desires when Penelope asks him to fuck her. Penelope’s pussy feels even more incredible than he could have expected. Almost instantly, he wants to cum, but knows he has to keep going for her and show her he’s no one pump chump pushover. Penelope also can’t believe how good her own stepbrother’s cock feels inside of her. This taboo sexcapade is wrong, but they’re too turned on to care. Penelope wants Austin to bust a big load inside of her, and he can’t disappoint her now.