One Moment with Mommy

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Billy (Ricky Spanish) is spending the summer away from school with his parents, and his stepmom (Rachael Cavalli) asks if he wants to go to the beach with her today. He’s not interested in the beach, her heart speeds up. She has often dreamt of a moment where they can finally be alone together, but she doubts that her deeply repressed fantasy can come true.. or can it?

Billy has never been great with girls at school. Rachel has no idea, but he’s always had his eyes on his stepmom. His loyalty and love for his father, combined with immature seduction skills keep him from making the first move. Rachel looks him over, he’s thin, boyish (although a man), and has dark smoldering eyes. She smiles as she feels the tingle deep inside, that same feeling she had when she first fell in love with her very first boyfriend.

“Have you ever been in love?”, Rachael asks. “I liked this girl in high school. She was blonde, curvy and with pretty blue eyes”, he recalls. “Like me. So you do have a type”, Rachael claims. “She made me happy when I looked at her”, he says. “Does it make you happy when you look at me?”, she asks. Sheepishly, he nods yes. “You’re so sweet”, she says, and asks again about the girl in high school. “We were just friends in class -I never got the courage to ask her out”, he admits. “Okay, tell me about the last girl you were intimate with”, she asks.

Billy hesitates, and then says: “It’s just that I’ve never been with a woman”. “Not even a kiss?”, she wonders. “Maybe a kiss”, he mutters. “Do you want to kiss me? It could be our little secret”, stepmom says. Rachael leans over and kisses Billy gently on the lips. “I can feel you trembling -do you want to stop?”, she asks. “No, I want to kiss you. I just couldn’t build up the courage”, Billy says. “Just stay still and let me kiss you”, she whispers, and gives him a French kiss. He kisses her back, and she gets up, leading him by the hand to her bedroom.

They sit down side by side on the bed and she smiles, saying: “This is better than reports”. He nods his assent. “You make me feel like such a kid again. Sneaking around here”, she murmurs, and after another smooch she says: “Promise this is our secret”. Billy puts his hand over his heart and says: “Scout’s honor”. “Do I excite you, Billy?”, she asks. He breathes heavily, and she goes on: “Such a big boy, aren’t you?”.

Billy’s hand is in his pants, masturbating, and he says: “I’ve touched myself a thousand times to you. You’re my dream girl”. “Tell me what I’m doing to you in your dreams”, she pleads. “You’re dancing, taking off your clothes”, he whispers. Rachael reacts by standing up in front of him and swaying, then lifting off her sweater, and turning around to move her big behind back and forth in front of his face. Billy’s eyes open wide and he begins masturbating more rapidly. She takes off her clothes slowly, pausing to pose sexily for him, Fully nude, she begins rubbing her pussy. She pulls down his pants, and sits on top of him, teasing her firmly and shapely ass back and forth against his shaft. The feeling of a brand new erect cock excites her, but does she go further with the young man? Watch the taboo scene unfold… (with a surprise ending).