Nicole Rae – Daughter Has a Secret Part 1-3

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Nicole Rae – Daughter Has a Secret Part 1-3

Caught in the Act-

I (Luke Longly) walk into the living room and I find my step-daughter, Nicole Rae, scrolling on her phone on the couch. She is wearing a blue and yellow floral dress, as I tell her that my credit card was denied this morning. ‘I did use your card for some stuff…’ she tells me. I tell her that we’re going to have to come up with some kind of arrangement, since she spent my money. I tell her that she is no longer allowed to wear clothing around the house. The second rule is that she has to send me photos of her naked in her room. This is how I want her to pay off her debt. I also tell her that she has to say ‘yes’ to everything that I want to do to her! I have her take her panties off first and then I ask her to expose her breasts to me. I walk over to her and I squeeze her big, natural tits with my hands. Then I ask her to spread her legs for me, revealing her pussy. I pull my cock out and I have her jerk my cock off with her hands, before she slips it into her mouth. Then she lies back in the missionary position and I start to fuck her pussy. She moves into the doggystyle position and then she asks me if I will fuck her ass this time. Of course I can’t say no to that! When I am done using her holes, I tell her to go get dressed because her step-mom will be home soon.

Step Mom Almost Caught Us-

My adorable step-daughter is wearing a cute set of pajamas, as she walks into the kitchen to greet me in the morning. I ask her to unbutton her top for me, and expose her big, natural breasts. I have Nicole get down on her knees under the kitchen table and she starts to suck my cock. My wife, Cory Chase, walks into the kitchen and she’s standing on the opposite side of the kitchen table so she is unstable to see Nicole sucking my cock. I keep chatting with my wife and she doesn’t notice that anything is happening right in front of her eyes! Cory walks off to the shower, leaving Nicole and me alone! She continues to give me a blowjob, and then she sits down on the chair and waits for me to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. While she is still sitting in the chair, I start to fuck her ass next. We move over to the living room couch and she lies down on her back. I continue fucking her pussy and her ass, back and forth, in the missionary position. When I am done using her holes, I ask her to grab my car keys for me because I need to head off to work. ‘Don’t forget to send me those nude photos!’ I remind her.

Accidentally Sent Step Mom Nudes-

Nicole is wearing a black dress when she remembers that she was supposed to send nude photos to me, her step-dad! She strips out of her dress but she leaves her black high heels on. Then she snaps a few nude photos with her cell phone. She attempts to send them to me, but she accidentally sends the photos to her step-mom, Cory instead! Cory runs into Nicole’s bedroom and she questions her about the photos. Nicole confesses that she meant to send those to her step-dad instead of her! Cory starts to get upset but once she calms down, she asks Nicole to undress her. She wants to have some fun too! Once Cory is completely naked, she asks her if she will suck on her nipples. Nicole does as she is asked. Nicole starts to eat Cory’s pussy out next, and she continues to eat her out until she cums hard! Cory wants to return the favor so Nicole lies down this time and Cory climbs on top of her. She licks and sucks on her step-daughter’s nipples before she makes her way down to her pussy. Cory eats her pussy out until she cums hard in her mouth! Then, Cory grabs Nicole’s hand and the two of them walk hand-in-hand over to the closet. They close the door behind them and they wait for Luke to find them…

Nicole Rae - Daughter Has a Secret Part 1-3
Nicole Rae – Daughter Has a Secret Part 1-3