My Cheating Stepmom

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Ricky (Spanish) arrives home for Spring Break from college, and he overhears his stepmother (Pristine Edge) musing sweet nothings on the phone to her lover– evidence that she’s been unfaithful to his father. She realizes her stepson’s home!

She’s startled after she ends the call and goes to her bedroom, finding Ricky there -she didn’t even know he’d returned home. He starts interrogating her, and Pristine lies, saying it was Aunt Laura, claiming her sister hurt her back and that she’s going to visit her to help out. Ricky volunteers to tag along. Caught in a lie she tries to discourage him, but he’s got her by the short hairs.

Even trying to bribe him doesn’t work, as Ricky says: “I insist on going with you”, forcing Pristine to scramble to rearrange her plans and take him to see her sister rather than meeting up with her lover. That night Ricky sneaks into her bedroom, and she pretends to be asleep. He strips and gets into bed with her, and begins rubbing her thigh under the covers. “I know you’re awake, aren’t you”, Ricky whispers, and kisses her on the neck as he slips her nightgown down, revealing her ample breasts.

“So, how many guys have you been cheating on dad with?”, he asks while feeling her breast. “You want me to stop?”, he wonders. “No, don’t stop. Don’t ask me that”, she finally answers, adding: “We shouldn’t”. “Shh! Don’t speak, until you’re spoken to”, Ricky asserts, as he pulls her panties aside and begins to stroke her pussy. “You like to feel submissive. How many younger guys have you cheated on dad with, guys my age?”, he asks. “Just one, Ricky”, she replies. “You’re a terrible liar, mom”, he whispers, sticking two fingers in her pussy, causing stepmom to gasp.

“You’re so wet -you’re making me so fucking hard”, Ricky says. He rubs his erect cock against her pussy, and says: “We can stop. You want me to leave? You can finish on your own. You want me to fuck you, mom? My dad’s a good man, and deserves a good wife. We both know you’re not it. You’re going to be good now, are you?”, Ricky asks. Pristine murmurs Yes, breathing heavily. “I’m gonna take my time with you -have your hands tied up above your head, while I nibble your body”, Ricky declares, poking his fingers back inside her. “I want you to fuck me, son!”, she gasps. Watch the taboo scene unfold…