Mona Wales – Burning Down the House

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Mona (Wales) answers her doorbell and greets her son-in-law Tobias (Chad Alva) at the door: “Honey, you don’t have to ring the doorbell anymore”. Tobias, a nearly silent type, enters with his suitcase, and she continues: “My home is your home. It’s the least I could do after the way my daughter behaved. Here, as a sign of how grateful I am, let me take the luggage for you. Is that all of it? You’re such a gentleman. Is this really all you have after she burned down your house? Okay, well make yourself comfortable downstairs, you know you’re really not imposing at all, but do you mind if I ask you something before you go down there?” “What’s up?”, Tobias inquires. Mona replies: “I found 350 dollars in my purse this morning, and I don’t want you paying for groceries -it’s the least I can do. Imposing? You can’t be imposing, it’s the least I can do after my daughter behaved -I swear I didn’t raise her that way. So, tomorrow is your last day in front of the magistrate, right? And he’s gonna rule on, you know, what she gets in the division of assets?”. Tobias nods his head Yes. Mona continues her nearly one-way conversation: “So you’re letting her keep the cars, right? What about the ridiculous alimony I heard her talking about? I see, you have evidence of her affairs -that’s very smart. And your p.i. got a picture of her leaving the hotel with her boss -what about the college kid? Poor baby, I know you just want this to be over, and I don’t want to see you hurt, you know, you’re like a son to me. Please don’t call me Mona -call me Mom. What do you say we rent a boat and hit the lake? I used to do it when Mike was still with us. It’s early enough -do you want to go, like today? All right then! Suit up!”. Tobias heads downstairs with his suitcase. When they return home, Mona declares, rubbing her shoulder: “I think I feel a little sunburn coming on. It’s just a little sun-kissed and sore, but I think it might sting tonight. I mean, right now it’s just a little pink but it might become angry red if I don’t do something about it. I should go to the store and get some Aloe Vera. You’re such a doll!”. Mona heads down the stairs. “Tobias, I’m in here!”, she calls out. He enters the bedroom and sees Mona sitting on the bed in her nightgown. She tells him: “Don’t be shy honey. If we’re going to live together you’ll be going to see me in my nightgown once in a while -come and sit down. I was hoping we could talk a while and maybe you could put that on my back?”. Tobias takes the oil for sunburn and rubs it gently on her back. Mona reacts with a start, declaring: “Will you warm it in your hands first?” He massages her in earnest, and Mona continues: “You know you’re a good swimmer. No way -college swim team? Well, you still have the swim body, sweetheart. Uh, uh, uh -don’t thank me. Remember what I said, and I’d love it if you called me Mommy and not Mona. Oh honey, you’re making me blush. You know my daughter would just hate it when I wore a revealing bathing suit. You -admired me? No, I don’t think that’s inappropriate. I want you to speak your mind. I don’t want you to ever censor yourself. How you’ve been told what not to do and what not to say now for too long. Damn! No, it feels so good -your hands are amazing. Do you think it’s inappropriate that I’m asking what else your hands can do?.” Mona lies down on her stomach and lowers the nightgown’s shoulder straps a bit, and Tobias sits on her rump to continue the massage of her back. She keeps up a steady encouragement: “Good boy, so deep in my muscles. Thank you. You can go lower if you want. I have so much tension. You know I have a lot of tension in my glutes. Good boy. God, that feels so good. You’re such a sweet boy. I don’t know how she could have done this to you. Can we pretend it’s tomorrow and I’m not your mother-in-law?”. Tobias finally speaks again: “This feels like a dream”. “Then wake up”, Mona instructs. She continues: “You can go lower, let me help you”, and they lower her nightgown, revealing her bare bottom and pubic area. Tobias begins to massage her rear and Mona purrs: “Just let your hands explore. That’s not wrong, you’re just helping me out. I think that if you just reach down between my legs you’ll see that I’m a little lubricated”. Tobias wets his fingers and penetrates her pussy with them. Mona says: “Your hands are so strong. These two strong hands that can build a house -I love it!. It doesn’t seem fair -you’ve been through so much. The least I can do is suck you off, don’t you think?”. Watch the taboo scene unfold… (with a surprise ending!)