Melody Mynx – Mom’s Cheating Ass

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Robby Echo and his stepmom Melody Mynx meet secretly in an empty parking garage. The pair look around with tension-filled anxiety. They can not be caught, the repercussions for both of them would be too great to bear. Robby is instantly hard seeing how his stepmom wore a sexy red dress just for him.

The two romantic conspirators feel free to kiss each other with gusto once they’ve arrived safely in a bachelor flat belonging to one of Robby’s friends. It’s far removed from back home where their attraction to each other had to be carefully hidden from Robby’s possessive dad. Robby wonders if his parents will split up but Melody assures him that though he’s suspicious about this affair, her husband will never let her go.

Melody’s red dress is inviting, it showcases her hourglass shape and frames her decolletage, and she admits to wanting to look pretty for this occasion. Both are excited by the prospect of making love without having to look back over their shoulders, or fear getting caught cheating on his dad. She dashes his hopes that they could run away together, but at least they have a chance to express their love.

Melody has a question for him: “When was the first time that you wanted me?” He ponders it for a moment, and then replies: “When you picked me up and you wore that white satin blouse -I could see your nipples through it. God, that was so hot”. A bit embarrassed, she says: “Did you think I did that on purpose?”. “Did you?” he asks, “No! Well, maybe a little. Maybe I just wanted to know what your cock looked like”, she confesses. He smiles. He always thought she stole a peek at his cock tenting his pants, and now she is confessing it! She used to be so shy when it came to confessing her attraction towards him, but she is becoming more and more brazen, more and more open. He glances at her thighs, just the thought of the word ‘open,’ makes him dream of her porcelain skin, her perfect thighs parting, just for him.

Melody’s hand wanders to Robby’s jeans, and begins feeling his member. “Do you remember the first time I blew you?”, she murmurs. “Yeah, it was in your car after work”, he recalls. “You’re so hard”, she enthuses. “Are you ready to see it?”, Robby asks, and stepmom nods Yes. After they kiss, Robby unzips his pants, and Melody purrs: “Pull it out for mommy”. He removes his jeans, revealing his erect cock, ready for action. She slips her dress off over her head, revealing her big breasts bulging out over her patterned bra. “Your father never appreciates my lingerie”, Melody whispers. As she begins stroking his dick, they kiss again, and she announces: “It’s so hard for mommy”. She bends down and begins sucking at the tip, noting “I like to tease my boy”. Watch the taboo scene unfold…