Marica Hase Fitting in That Quality Time

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Marica is always working. This boss babe is top of the food chain, and that means she doesn’t always have time for her stepfamily. Her stepson, Jay, is distraught when she forgets his birthday. He spills his heart and lets her in on all of his woes. But Marica is not thoughtless, and like a good stepmom, she’s there to mend her stepson’s ailing heart. She gets down on her knees and puts Jay’s hard cock right into her mouth, no questions asked. Still, Marica is a busy woman and has to multitask between work and fellatio. Later, Jay still wants to spend time with his stepmom, but she’s neck-deep in paperwork. Again, she’s all about multitasking and has Jay pleasure her while she works. Their relationship is strengthening, and they’re getting better at pleasing each other. Jay quickly gets his stepmom to cum, and she couldn’t be more satisfied. She shows him that he can have her undivided attention to show her appreciation for Jay. The stunning milf strips for her stepson and lets him feel up her tits while grinding on his cock. She can feel it stiffening in his pants and wants to feel him inside of her. It’s time to go all the way, so she strips down and finally gets the dick down from her stepson.