Makayla Cox Taking advantage of Mom

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Part 1: Rickey is over living with his mom Makayla, she doesn’t give him attention unless it is to tell him he is doing something wrong. He is on his way out the door, bags packed when Makayla sees him leaving and starts to panic. She begs him to stay and Rickey realizes it is just because his dad gives her a lot of money to cover his expenses. Rickey also realizes he doesn’t seem to be getting much benefit for all the money his dad gives his mom. Rickey decides to take advantage of the situation.

Part 2 : Rickey’s new relationship with his mom is going great. She takes him anywhere he needs to go, buys him almost anything he wants, and she puts out whenever he wants, which is alot. Rickey wants to see how willing to keep him happy mom really is, so when they are at the movies, and he sees the only other people in the theater is a couple making out hot and heavy he starts to put a move on his mom. At first she is embarrased and resistant but she gives in, obvioulsy really starting to get into the new way things are.