Lulu Chu – I Need You

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Lulu Chu – I Need You

Annie (Lulu Chu) is a young woman scorned -she sees a social media posting by her stepbrother Paul (Max Fills) about his girlfriend, and feels betrayed -he had promised to meet up with her! The siblings had been intimate in the past, yes– they both know they should not have been, but ‘things happened.’ They both agreed to not look at each other in a lustful way, but my god, that is so hard for Annie. She looks at his social media, she’s obsessing over it. He’s moved on! Seriously?! He’s already with someone new?.

After angrily phoning Paul to complain, Annie drives to his house and sneaks inside, using the key left handily under the welcome mat. She confronts him and Paul insists it’s time to move on. She won’t accept that and demands that he send his girlfriend away so they can talk it out. “You can understand how hurt I am, right? You were, you are my everything”, Annie insists. “I love my girlfriend”, he replies. “She doesn’t understand you. She doesn’t know the real Paul”, Annie points out.

His stepsister sits down on the living room couch next to Paul, and grabs his groin, pleading: “Just one more time. And then I’ll leave -I’ll go away forever!”. He’s adamant in his refusal, and gives Annie a sweater to keep her warm as she’s set to leave and return home. Thinking better of it, he offers to let her stay the night in his guest room.

Later that evening, she knocks on his bedroom door, clad in a bath towel, telling Paul: “I don’t have anything to wear to bed”. Annie takes one of his t-shirts from his dresser drawer and puts it on. “She doesn’t know about us”, she wonders, asking about his girlfriend. “I might as well be the dog, sleeping outside”, she laments, and complains about the cold, dusty guest room. Paul relents and allows her to sleep in his bed with him. “Like old times?”, she inquires. “Not exactly”, Paul responds. They each apologize, and with a sisterly cuddle the two of them are ready to go to sleep.

After midnight, Annie wakes up and begins fondling Paul’s cock as he sleeps behind her. He wakes up in a start, declaring: “Annie, what are you doing?”. “Do you want me to leave?”, she asks. “Stay, please”, Paul pleads. “What about your girlfriend?”, Annie counters. “She doesn’t fuck me like you. No one does”, he admits. “Because no one loves you like I do”, Annie contends. “Okay, but this has to be the last time”, he insists. Annie begins stroking his hard cock, and starts sucking it. “Do I suck your cock better than your girlfriend?”, she murmurs. “Yes”, he moans. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Lulu Chu - I Need You
Lulu Chu – I Need You