Lindsay Lee & Madison Wilde Swap Family Dinner

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What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Madison Wilde can’t stop feeling her swap brother Ricky Spanish up. She’s stroking his cock at the dinner table right in front of her swap parents, Lindsay Lee and Vinvce Karter. When the swap parents step out for a moment, Madison flashes her titties just in time to get caught and sent to her room.

Vince and Lindsay don’t know what to do with their swap son and daughter, but they think maybe giving them a taste of their own medicine might help. Leaving Madison and Ricky at the table, Lindsay and Vince go to the kitchen where Vince feels up Lindsay’s big tits and begins fucking her from behind. When Ricky and Madison finally notice, they want in on the action. Lindsay is down, and Vince is too. Soon, Madison is on her knees sucking Vince off and Lindsay is doing the same for Ricky.

Now that they’ve committed to fucking, it’s a simple thing for Lindsay to get Ricky to sit down so she can tap that in reverse cowgirl as she watches her swap hubby dicking down Madison as she lays on her back. Madison gets to her feet and leans over the couch arm for Ricky to do her from behind, while Lindsay lays on the couch with Vince between her thighs. Taking a seat in the vacated chair, Vince pulls Madison into his lap in reverse cowgirl as Ricky gives it to his swap mom in cowgirl. Getting Madison on her back, Vince fills his swap daughter with a nice creampie. Ricky does the same for Lindsay as she gives him one last cowgirl ride.