Lexi Luna My Pesky Boy Has The Wrong Remote

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Josh Rivers is hanging out in the living room when his stepmom, Lexi Luna, comes in. She’s got some VERY important business to take care of in her bedroom and she wants to make it crystal clear that Josh is NOT to interrupt her. Josh doesn’t mind, of course, since he’ll just be chilling in the living room watching his favorite show on their new TV. What does HE care what his stepmom is up to in her bedroom?

But when Lexi is alone in her room, it’s revealed that the very important business she’s up to involves using a new remote controller vibrator she’s just purchased. She already has it inside of her pussy, so all she needs now is to grab the remote and… wait a second? Where IS that pesky remote? But before Lexi can say another word, she starts feeling the toy vibrate within her, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

It turns out that Lexi left the remote in the living room, and Josh thinks it’s the TV remote! While he presses the buttons trying to get the TV to work, he’s actually been activating and controlling Lexi’s vibrator from afar. Lexi manages to make her way to the living room and notify Josh about it, and he is instantly embarrassed. Lexi, on the other hand, wants him to finish what he started. She spreads her legs, inviting Josh to get to play with her most intimate parts like never before.