Leana Lovings – Yes, Daddy 2

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Leana Lovings – Yes, Daddy 2

Ever since Leana (Lovings) and her mom moved in with her new stepfather (Derrick Pierce) he’s been calling the shots. He’s a real taskmaster, and lately he’s been quite stern with sweet Leana. Step Daddy is handsome, it’s hard to be angry with him even though he’s such a drill sergeant. Derrick is equally drawn to Leana. There is something naughty lurking under her innocent gaze, something he knows he shouldn’t encourage if he is to remain faithful to his wife.

Derrick’s not happy with Leana’s progress at school, where he dreams of her studying to be an engineer or scientist, when in fact Leana wants to be an artist. One day when she comes home he lays down the law, demanding to know where she’s been, after her math and science tutor reports she didn’t show up for their regular study session. She confesses that she went to the museum instead, and protests: “I can’t study day in and day out math and science! I’m not that person”. Derrick retorts: “You will be who I tell you you will be”. She looks down and sheepishly replies: “Yes sir”.

Stepdaddy is ready to give up on her altogether, but as he leaves her bedroom, she gets on the floor and grabs his leg to stop him, saying: “I’m sorry -I can make it up to you. I can show you that I’ve changed -I can prove it to you. I’ll do anything that you want me to do”. “I don’t think you’ve been a good girl. Put your hands behind your back”, he orders. Rubbing his groin, Derrick gets more intimate: “You see how excited you make me, baby. You don’t think I want to give you my cock -I do. Now show me how grateful you are”.

Standing in front of her, stepdad unzips his pants, but then pulls the zipper back up, stating: “You don’t always get what you want. Obedient girls get what they deserve. And I don’t think you’ve been appreciative of all I’ve done for you”. “Please…”, she begs him. Derrick orders curtly: “Get on the bed”. Leana complies, and he leans down and kisses her on the lips, and leaves the bedroom.

Later, they’re sitting at the kitchen table and Derrick is reviewing her schoolwork. “How did I do?”, Leana asks. “It’s very good, sweetie”, Derrick answers. Leana is all smiles and gets up to hug him and kiss his forehead. “Don’t you want your reward?”, he asks. “Yes, daddy”, Leana replies. “Go up to your room and I’ll join you”, he says. Upstairs, she waits on the bed, changed into a skimpy nightie. As he embraces her, Leana’s breathing becomes heavy, and stepdaddy places her arms behind her back, instructing her: “No touching until I say so”.

Derrick presses her hand on his crotch and says: “You’re going to do whatever you can to impress me, aren’t you?”. She nods Yes. He unzips and pulls down his pants, and places his cock by her face, and teases her with it. Finally, he lets her suck it, and begins driving it slowly in and out, down her throat. “Good girl”, stepdaddy whispers. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Leana Lovings - Yes, Daddy 2
Leana Lovings – Yes, Daddy 2