Leana Lovings – The Scent of a Father

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Leana (Lovings) is gathering up the dirty laundry, stopping to sniff longingly at stepdaddy’s shorts. As she’s leaving his bedroom carrying two baskets of clothing she suddenly trips and spills them all over the floor. She picks up another piece of his clothing to sniff and closes the bedroom door.

Stepdad (Ryan Driller) arrives home with a bag of groceries. After yelling “I’m home”, he heads for his bedroom, where she’s lying on the bed masturbating, her face covered with his underwear. She hears him coming upstairs, and scurries from the bed, but he finds her half-naked, covering his eyes at the sight. She lamely claims she was just changing her shirt, to put the dirty one in with the other laundry. As she leaves the room, he sits on the bed wondering what she was up to. Later they sit outside on the terrace, discussing how it is now that he’s separated from her mom. “I miss having a woman around the house”, he says. “Well, you can have me anytime you want”, she responds, soon correcting her faux pas sheepishly: “I mean, I’m going to be here all summer”. She rests her head on his chest, declaring: “I love your scent”. “Thanks baby, it’s a new cologne I’m trying”, Ryan says. “No daddy, it’s yours. It makes me feel at home”, she notes. “I take it you’re getting a little homesick in the dorms?”, he asks. “Yes, it gets pretty lonely”, she concedes. “Really? I would think all the guys are clamoring to date you”, he says. “I’m just not interested in guys my age”, she maintains.

“So, have you been dating anyone since mom left us?”, she inquires. “Oh, just a couple here and there, but nothing serious”, stepdad responds. Noting a dark cloud in the sky, they go inside before a storm hits. Later, Ryan’s in bed, as thunder sounds and the lights begin to flicker. Leana knocks on his door, and then climbs under the covers next to him, resting her head on his chest. “Still afraid of the thunderstorms?”, he asks. He kisses her on the forehead and claps his hands to turn the lights off.

Later in the night he’s asleep, as Leana stands next to the bed undressing. She puts on Ryan’s shirt, and the lightning wakes him up, to see her sniffing deeply into the shirt, gathered up to her face. Their eyes meet and he asks abruptly: “What are you doing with my shirt?”. “I missed your scent, daddy. Are you mad?”. He claps his hands to turn the lights back on, and says: “You know your mother always said you and I had a relationship that was too close for a father -stepfather, and his daughter”.

“Yeah, but she’s just jealous of how close we are. You’re the one I went to when I needed advice or when I wanted affection. I can’t help how much I love you”, she whispers. They exchange kisses on the cheek, and she declares: “I love your scratchy face. I love your masculine scent”, and she kisses him again, saying: “I want you daddy. I love you”. He resists, but she goes on: “I love you like my daddy, but I also ache for you, daddy”. Leana begins rubbing her wet panties, and Ryan turns away, saying: “I think you have the wrong impression”. She counters: “I felt you take it out of your pajama pants. I felt you press it against my belly”. “It’s just an erection. It’s been a long time since I had a beautiful woman in my bed”, he claims<:P> Smiling broadly, Leana declares: “So you admit it. You think I’m a woman, a beautiful woman. Please don’t kick me out. Please don’t make me leave. I can be good for you. I’ll do anything you want”, she pleads. Joking about her stealing his clothes, stepdad insists she leave and go sleep in her own bed. Just as she’s leaving, there’s a loud crack of thunder, and Leana instinctively rushes back into stepdaddy’s arms for protection. “Can I at least stay until the storm’s over, daddy?”, she pleads. “Okay, okay”, he relents, and she cuddles beside him. She apologizes for being naughty, explaining: “It’s just I love your masculine scent. I love it even more when there’s a little pre-cum in your boxers”. Stepdaddy is stroking his cock under the covers listening to her.

“I can feel you getting stiff when I climb up onto your lap, and I hate the thought of you hard and uncomfortable, your cock dripping cum without anyone to help you. I want to be good to you. I want to be good enough for you. There’s nothing wrong with the way I feel about you, daddy, no matter what anyone says”, she murmurs. Leana takes over from Ryan stroking his cock, and declares: “There’s nothing wrong with loving you daddy, all of you”, she insists, as she gently puts his cock into her mouth. Watch the taboo scene unfold…