Lauren Phillips – Mom Loves Creampies

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Lauren is an exemplary housewife. She keeps things in order, watches over the family, and, most importantly, is an easy ten out of ten babe on the “smoking hot milf” scale. But Lauren has a particular kink. Lauren loves creampies. Nothing excites her more than having her pussy filled with a massive, hot load of cum. She loves the sensation from start to finish. From the first pump all the way to the load dripping out of her lips and running down the side of her leg, she can’t get enough. Lauren even made her husband get a vasectomy so he could cum in her time and time again, filling her up with each and every load he has to offer. This little kink has been their secret and something they shared passionately for a while – until now. It just isn’t the same getting loaded up with a bunch of cum when the thrill factor is gone. Lauren wants fresh meat and a load from a young stud. For her, the excitement is all about the forbidden fruit. Diving deep into something taboo and new and getting fucked by the neighborhood handyman is just the exhilaration she’s looking for. Oliver comes by, thinking he’s there to paint Lauren’s walls, but he’ll soon learn he’s actually there to paint the inside of Lauren’s walls with a hot, sticky load. Lauren caresses his body, hinting to the young stud this visit is going to turn into an afternoon thrill ride. While Oliver cluelessly starts to prepare Lauren’s bedroom for painting, she strips to nothing and presents herself to Oliver completely nude. She presses her body against his, her massive tits resting delicately against his chest. She can feel his cock starting to stiffen in his pants, and her pussy starts getting warm and wet with anticipation. Lauren warms him up by sucking his cock and giving him a titjob. She looks stunning with Oliver’s cock between her tits, giving him an alluring gaze that just screams how kinky she really is and how badly she wants him. She doesn’t give him the satisfaction of letting him cum in her mouth. She knows she brought Oliver there so he could fill her up, and he won’t be cumming until she says so. He pounds her pussy hard, maintaining his endurance and lasting as long as he can. It’s challenging to keep his load in when he’s fucking such an incredible babe, but he keeps up like a champ, making Lauren cry out in pure bliss. When he can no longer hold on, he shoots his load deep inside of Lauren. She feels every pulse and gush as the cum fills her up. He pulls out slowly, letting his load drip out and stream towards Lauren’s asshole. She’s in heaven, reeling in sheer delight. Now she knows whenever she needs someone to fill her up, there is always a friendly face nearby.