Kylie Rocket & Whitney Wright – The Sleepover

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Kylie Rocket & Whitney Wright – The Sleepover

Kiki (Kylie Rocket) and her best friend Lana (Whitney Wright) are having a sleepover, just like when they were younger, with a makeshift tent over Lana’s bed made from sheets, with Christmas lights hung around it. They talk about boys and Kiki expresses her fantasy of having a threesome, but finds that the young guys she meets are intimidated by such a forward concept.

She asks Lana about her own fantasies: “Are you still trying to bone your stepdad?” “Maybe. So what if I am. He’s cute. You said it yourself”, Lana replies. While Kiki protests that Lana’s father is too old, they both agree that the boys they date are immature, and need to be told what a woman wants. They’re interrupted by Lana’s stepdad, Mike Jones (Chad White) calling out from the hallway, asking if there’s anything they need. “You two behaving yourselves, right?”, he wonders when he comes into the bedroom and peeks inside their “tent”. “We’re just planning Lana’s 19th birthday party”, Kiki replies.

After he leaves, Lana complains that talk of a birthday party just makes her seem immature in her stepdad’s eyes, but Kiki points out that their little “Pillow Fort” on the bed seals the idea of immaturity so much more than some dumb birthday talk. Lana still wants advice from Kiki on how to seduce her old man. “Maybe you could get him warmed up?”, Lana wonders. “I’m not going to be his fluffer!”, Kiki insists. That gives Lana an idea: they can both have the hottest guy in town, something they can tell their grandkids about some day. Kiki reluctantly agrees to help Lana achieve her quest, and the BFFs kiss on it.

Later, Kiki goes to Mike’s bedroom and coyly asks him: “What do men want, sexually?”. “Guys really aren’t that complicated -they like the simple stuff”, he answers. But Kiki mentions she had a boyfriend who always talked about wanting a threesome. Mike is sympathetic but maintains a serious attitude here, yet Kiki goes further: “You’re so smart daddy, can I call you daddy? Have you ever fantasized about something like that, daddy?”. Lana has quietly snuck into the bedroom to listen, intently.

Mike becomes embarrassed and suddenly notices that Lana has joined them. “Hey Lana, sweetheart! Kiki and I were just finishing up a conversation”, he says, as Lana sits beside them on his bed. “I heard you and Kiki talking, daddy, and you know I can’t go to mom about any of this sex stuff”, Lana says.. Mike decides to end the discussion, but Lana continues: “Is it normal if I can’t cum when I’m with a boy? When I’m alone it’s no problem, but when I’m with a boy, I can’t”. “Okay, if any guy really cares about you, he’ll make you cum, or orgasm I meant,” he says. “Wouldn’t it be nice to show Lana what it would be like to be with a real man?”, Kiki suggests.

Mike has had enough, and declares: “This seems like some kind of trick. What would your mother think?”. “We just won’t tell her”, Lana replies. When pressed, Kiki admits the two of them dreamt this up. Mike puts his foot down and announces: “I don’t think this conversation should be happening”. Kiki impulsively says: “Then talk less”, and kisses Mike on the lips. She coyly says: “I think it’s only fair if Lana gets a kiss, too”, and Mike obliges. But he’s adamant about ending this turn of events.

“I know what I can teach daddy -I’m the best kisser”, Kiki declares. “Then prove it”, Lana responds. The girls start kissing each other while Mike watches intently. “Am I dreaming?”, he wonders out loud. “No, this is very much real”, Kiki says, and both ladies remove their tops. He isn’t all that difficult to convince, as Lana lays down on the bed and Mike helps her remove her panties and then goes down on her. Kiki gets busy, too, leaning over and sucking on Lana’s nipple. Watch the taboo threesome scene unfold…

Kylie Rocket & Whitney Wright - The Sleepover
Kylie Rocket & Whitney Wright – The Sleepover