Kenzie Taylor – The No Fap Challenge

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Kenzie Taylor – The No Fap Challenge

Later, she visits his bedroom, and there’s Ricky, again with his big boner sticking out. It’s time to have a heart-to-heart talk with the teen. “I’ve been taking charge of my life”, Ricky declares. She still pries, anxious to find out what he’s keeping secret. “I’ll tell you if you promise not to laugh”, he offers. “Have you ever heard of No Fap?”, he asks. Kenzie says No, and he explains it’s a practice of giving up masturbating and watching porn to achieve certain benefits, like more energy, more focus, even getting a bigger dick.

She appreciates his sharing his secret, but still wonders what’s really going on. He explains that there’s so much temptation and stimulation to masturbate -with porn handy on his phone and hot girls everywhere, even at home. “At home?”, Kenzie is shocked. “How long do you think you’re going to do this for?”, she asks. “What about sex? Can you have sex with a woman?”, she wonders. “Sure”, he replies. “You don’t have blue balls, do you?”, Kenzie asks. “You still got hard, obviously”, she points out, adding: “Isn’t it uncomfortable?”. Ricky is quite embarrassed, admitting that it gets worse every day.

“I’m guessing you could have someone help release you -lend a helping hand?”, she suggests. She’s become quite curious about the claim that No Fap can result in a bigger dick, and asks to see him naked. “Come on, I just want to see”, she claims. Ricky lets her peek, and Kenzie exclaims: “It is huge!”. “You’re demonstrating amazing control by not fapping. Are you sure you don’t want to?”, she asks. “No way!”, he declares. “How big do you think it will get?”, she wonders. “What if I made your challenge a little more challenging? And if I did that, would it speed up the growth process?”, she asks.

“You’re not going to do anything explicit?”, he asks. “Well, I was an exotic dancer. Your dad already knows this -it’s how I paid for college”. She hands him his phone, and says: “Put on a song, something sexy to set the mood, and I’ll see if I still got it”. Stepmom starts roleplaying that she’s onstage and he’s her big spender. She begins giving him a lapdance, and starts stripping.

Ricky has a request: “Just rub it, like you rubbed my back before”. Kenzie unveils his erect cock and starts stroking it. “I want more”, he says, breathing heavily. Stepmom climbs on top of him and rubs her body back and forth. Ricky reverses their positions and starts worshipping stepmom’s huge breasts, and then goes down on her. “Okay, now you gotta show me what you got, son”, Kenzie declares. After rubbing teasingly back and forth against her pussy, Ricky finally enters her, with Kenzie rooting him on. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Kenzie Taylor - The No Fap Challenge
Kenzie Taylor – The No Fap Challenge