Katie Morgan – Always A Good Boy

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Katie Morgan – Always A Good Boy

Rose (Katie Morgan) is making coffee for her husband, Drew (Calvin Hardy), as he rushes around the house gathering his suitcase for his work trip. Rose is deep in thought as she tries to find the words to tell him about a fertility appointment she set up for the two of them. Their stepson, Eddie (Codey Steele), is staying at his girlfriend’s house and the two finally have the privacy she needs to unveil to him the consistent dream of the two having a little one together.

Drew had a vasectomy after Eddie was born, and when he married Rose, Rose promised that she would never want a little one of her own. Time has changed Rose’s heart, and the older Eddie gets, the more she realizes just how wrong she was. Eddie is completely turned off about the idea, but he’s running late, and promises that he’ll talk to her about the matter when he gets home.

Eddie kisses Rose on the cheek. He can tell something is wrong with her, she’s quiet, she seems distant, even though she’s right by his side, she feels miles away. He asks her, “is everything ok?” She lies, “yes, I just have a headache.” She retires early to her room while she looks up IVF procedures online.

Eddie brings his stepmother a cup of her favorite rose-lavender tea and she smiles, “always a good boy.” Eddie hates to see her upset and gently prods her to tell him what’s wrong. He’s heard his father and his stepmom arguing and he worries the pair will get a divorce. Rose assures Eddie that she loves Drew, so much so that she wants to raise their own little one together. She tells him of the predicament and Eddie comes up with a crazy idea. “What if I give you my seed?” Rose is shocked. “I don’t have to actually have sex with you, I could do it in a cup, and you can take it to the clinic and..” Rose laughs at Eddie’s sweet idea, it wouldn’t work, there is quite a process to make it work, it’s expensive, and unfortunately, her dream might not ever come true if Drew doesn’t agree. Eddie answers, “but what if he never knew?” Rose looks at Eddie suspiciously. “Hear me out,” he explains, “you could tell him it’s his, and he would never know– everyone says that I looked just like my dad when he was a boy!” Rose is shocked at what Eddie is proposing. He wants to have sex with her? He wants her to lie to his father? It’s insane. It couldn’t possibly work.. or could it?

Katie Morgan - Always A Good Boy
Katie Morgan – Always A Good Boy