Isabel Love – Sons Cum And Chocolates

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Isabel Love is dressed in a hot outfit for Valentine’s Day. She can’t seem to find the gift she expects from her stepson, Jay Romero, though. When Jay comes home, Isabel makes it clear she thinks Jay hid his gift for her. When he admits he didn’t buy his stepmom a gift, Isabel insists he go to the store for her.

Jay does what Isabel insists, but he puts his own special sauce all over the plate of chocolates he’s prepared. Isabel samples a chocolate and then lets Jay know that she knows he came all over them. She wants more of that salty delight. Although Jay is initially taken aback, Isabel lays on her back and rubs her pussy in invitation before tugging his hardon from his pants to blow him.

Now that he knows his stepmom is serious, Jay is quick to eat that pussy and then get on his back so Isabel can suck him off again and then climb aboard. She tests him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then in doggy. On her back, she urges Jay to finish her off and then pull out to cum all over her so she can enjoy more of his jizz.