Hayley Davies My Stepsis Is A Size Queen

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Eavesdropping is rude. But sometimes you hear things you never would otherwise. Like when Hayley Davies is talking to her friend about her date last night. And her stepbrother Ethan Seeks overhears her telling her friend that the guy’s dick wasn’t even 7 inches! Damn, Ethan’s stepsister is a size queen! Ethan runs to his room and grabs some measuring tape. He’s bigger than 7 inches. Phew!!! But Hayley managed to get a sneaky glimpse of her stepbrother measuring up and she is impressed! When Ethan catches her double-checking his measuring tape, things get weird fast. She wants to size up his dick herself now! Ethan isn’t hard yet so his stepsister jerks his dick and spits on it, but still nothing – she has to suck it! Once he’s hard, Ethan comes out to a whopping 8 inches! His stepsister is even more turned on now, she wants to feel it inside of her! Hayley slides her stepbrotehr’s big cock inside of her and bounces on it with her elite level ass. She starts to moan as her stepbro dicks her good, stretching his stepsister’s tight hole out. Ethan stuffs his stepsister hard from behind, making her cum on his big cock. This size queen is in heaven as she lets her stepbrother ravage her eager pussy. Ethan power fucks her in missionary and then fills his stepsister up with a heavy creampie!