Fuck Me Under The Mistletoe

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Jennifer White loves Christmas and decorating for the holiday. There’s just one problem: she’s having trouble with the ladder to put the mistletoe up. She calls her stepson Parker Ambrose in to hold the ladder, where she makes sure he notices her short skirt, lack of panties, and big boobs as she climbs. She asks if Parker knows about mistletoe and then claims that you don’t kiss under it; you breed under it.

Later, dressed as Mrs. Claus, Jennifer positions herself beneath the mistletoe and calls Parker back in. She makes sure he knows that means he gets to fuck stepmilf for Christmas. That’s all the time Parker gets before he has Jennifer on her knees before him, his dick between her hot lips. He even gets a taste of his stepmom’s cream as Jennifer lays herself out in front of the Christmas tree and spreads her thighs for her stepson to eat her out.

Putting Parker on his back, Jennifer climbs aboard to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Turning around, Jennifer keeps their private Christmas party going in cowgirl. They spoon together next, with Parker diving deep. As he gets ready to cum, Parker knows that he’s pumping Jennifer full of baby batter that she hopes will breed her properly.