Dreamin’ About My Stepsis’s ‘Milk & Cookies’

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Going into the holidays post break-up is rarely a good time. You can feel lonely and out of place. but that’s where family comes in. Kai Jaxon is stalking his girlfriend on social media again when his stepsister Roxie Sinner persuades him to block her and enjoy the Christmas vibes. Kai is having a good time with Roxie, but then things get awkward when he mistakes her words and grabs his stepsister’s boobs! Roxie isn’t pleased and storms out leaving Kai alone with his thoughts. He fantasizes what it would be like if his stepsister DID let him play with her big tits. Roxie takes out her stepbro’s cock and is impressed with its size. She reassures him they won’t get caught before she sucks his balls & deepthroats his big dick. Roxie rides her horny stepbro with her hairy pussy. Kai takes his stepsister from behind, banging her hard and making her big boobs knock together. Roxie let’s Kai cum in her mouth. Kai wakes up with his dick in his hand and cum everywhere – his stepsister does not look pleased Merry Xmas, folks! .