Crystal Chase – Hidden Cameras Are the Best!

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I (Crystal Chase) really want to have another talk about that car… Sweetie, unfortunately your mother and I (Mark Wood) decided this just isn’t a good time right now. Well… I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me, sneaking peeks of me in the shower. Relax don’t worry, I would never tell my mom. Besides, it’s not like your my acutal dad. Would you like a better view? My mom is not home right now. You promise… this would just stay between us?? I pinky promise. You feel so much better than your mother! You like fucking my big titties daddy? I can’t hold it in anymore… Wow that was a big load, oh by the way…. see that camera over there in the corner!?!? Let’s talk about that car again, I would like it in pink…. pretty sure my mom wouldn’t be too happy about what we just did.