Cory Chase – You Belong with Mom

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Cory (Chase) arrives home distraught, and is immediately confronted by Robby (Echo), her stepson, at her door. He’s carrying lots of his clothing, even more disturbed than she is. He’s been thrown out of his house by wife Claire, who threw his clothes out the window and told him to go to his stepmom. Neither of them can figure out what’s really going on, but Claire has accused the straight-and-narrow Robby of cheating on her.

He tells mom that he’s been working a lot lately, taking extra shifts and working on weekends, but claims that he’s never done anything like cheating on Claire. He’s not wearing his wedding ring, but both surmise he left it accidentally in the bathroom, and its absence might have made Claire a tad bit suspicious. Cory convinces him not to text/phone Claire but to let her have some time to cool off, while he relaxes at mom’s house.

Later, Cory is at her bedroom mirror, oiling her body and putting on sexy, revealing lingerie, admiring her own figure. Robby storms into the room, declaring: “Claire told me that she invited you over this morning and you guys got into a fight! And you forgot to tell me about the part where you told her that you sucked my dick better than her!”. Mom walks him over to her bed and tries to explain. The women had chatted about this and that, but it became a contest over which one knew Robby best, his wife or his mom.

The ladies’ one-upmanship argument became quite heated, and in a flashback, Cory became exasperated: “You think you know more about my son than I do? (laughing) You can’t please him better than I do”. Robby understands what went wrong, Cory’s competitive nature got the better of her, and his stepmom is apologetic about getting carried away with the competition over him. Worn out from all the drama, he shuffles off to go to bed.

Late at night, mom is in bed alone, masturbating. Unsatisfied, she goes to Robby’s bedroom and climbs under the covers next to the sleeping young man to cuddle. “I’ve been uncontrollable ever since you flew the nest”, she murmurs after he wakes up. “I know you’re an adult and I know you love that woman, but a son belongs with his mother”, she says. Mom pulls off the bed covers and is proud that he’s wearing the underwear she bought for him, not that chosen by his wife. “I just love the way the fabric tents over your bulge”, she whispers sexily.

“Mom, you just need to stop. You’re making my dick harder when you talk dirty”, he insists. “I have a little fun fact -my panties are dripping wet, looking at that bulge”, she murmurs, as she traces around his crotch with her fingernail. Mom reaches down and removes her panties, handing them to Robby to sniff. She kisses her son repeatedly on the lips, while squeezing his cock inside his underwear. Robby removes them, and Cory begins sucking his balls, then gives him an enthusiastic blow-job. Watch the taboo scene unfold…