Cory Chase – If Your School Won’t Teach You !

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A school nurse, Cory Chase, arrives home with her stepson, Apollo Banks, who is a student at the school. Cory has been pushing for better sex ed in the school, and is frustrated because of the principal’s repeated refusals. Cory knows that it’s normal for lots of people Apollo’s age to have sex on the brain, so they should be taught how to treat their partners right, and how to make responsible choices. She can’t believe the principal refuses to see that!

Apollo says he appreciates that Cory is trying so hard to do what’s best for the students. This makes Cory even more determined, and she declares that if the school won’t give Apollo proper sex ed, then she’ll teach him herself! Cory then gets flustered and apologizes, saying she just blurted that out without thinking. But Apollo likes the idea, saying that he needs to learn this stuff, and who better to teach him than a nurse? This gets Cory fired up again, and she agrees to defy the principal and do whatever it takes to teach Apollo about sex… even if that means having sex with him!

Cory says there’s more to sex than just ‘sticking it in’… things like kissing and foreplay are part of the fun, plus they’re a way to make sure your partner has a good time, too. She starts with teaching Apollo how to kiss, guiding him through the techniques. Cory then instructs Apollo about the importance of being responsible and teaches him how to put a condom on, and after that starts teaching him how to have sex. Partway through the sex, Cory says that if someday Apollo and a partner decide to be faithful to each other and also use a different form of contraception, it’s okay not to use a condom. She offers to teach what sex without a condom is like and he eagerly agrees, so they take the condom off. Apollo is definitely getting a thorough lesson!