Christie Stevens – Lounging Around The House

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Christie Stevens pleasantly chats with her stepson, Rico Hernandez, who is busy playing on his phone while lounging around. Christie is worried that Rico is not active enough lately and tries to encourage him to exercise more. When Rico is not receptive, Christie wonders to herself what she can do to get him to exercise…

Over the next few days, she makes various suggestions in an effort to get Rico up and going. She tries offering to go on a bike ride with him, picking up a treadmill with a giant TV… but no matter what she throws out there, Rico doesn’t bite.

Christie is exasperated… What is a stepmother to DO?? That’s when she gets a crazy idea. Resorting to drastic measures, in order to ensure that her lazy stepson gets moving, she starts coming onto him. She knows there’s ONE form of exercise no young man can resist!