Christie Stevens – Amicable

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Christie (Stevens) greets her stepson (Spikey Dee), who’s been away from home at college for a year. She engages in small talk (he’s silent, in the POV-camera mode), but reluctantly takes him to the living room for a serious talk. After stalling a bit she finally gets to the point: “Your father and I are getting a divorce I know it seems kinda sudden -there was a lot we kept from you. I just want you to know I’m still going to be here for you”, she tells him. Continuing, she says: “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you sooner -we just have been growing apart. I just wish your father was here to tell you -I couldn’t wait any longer.” She confesses that his dad seemed to lose interest in her, and she became lonely. “I want to feel seen and desired still, and your dad just can’t fulfill that”, Christie says nervously, as she begins to unbutton her blouse. Continuing: “We haven’t had sex in eight months. Even when I dress up for him, he never notices. I’d bet you’d notice, though. Do you think I’m pretty?”. Her stepson nods Yes. Christie laughs, and unbuttons another button, tantalizingly revealing her decolletage, breasts peeking out of her bra. “Can I just get your opinion? Do you think I’m.. fuckable?”, she asks, laughing nervously. “I could use some reassurance”, Christie murmurs, as she removes her blouse completely. “You’re my stepson, so we shouldn’t do anything, but you can watch me”, she teases as she slips out of her skirt. Christie begins breathing heavily, as she pulls her panties to the side and starts fingering her own pussy. “Do you think my pussy’s pretty? You can touch yourself too. You can take it out if you want”, she whispers as she removes her bra. “Wow! It’s so big. Even bigger than your father’s”, she exclaims. “Is it okay if I touch it -is it weird to ask?”. She scoots over to him on the couch and slides off his jeans, taking his long, erect cock in her hands. “We can never tell him -I know we’re getting divorced, but I don’t think he’d be very happy if he found out”, she notes, stroking his dick. Watch the taboo scene unfold…