Charlie Forde – I Did This For You

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Charlie Forde sneaks away into her stepson RIcky Spanish’s bedroom and puts a few items in a box, including a framed photo of his late mom; then she parks the box near the front door. Ricky almost trips over the box as he’s leaving that morning, and is shocked to see the photo.

He storms into the kitchen demanding to know what’s happening. Charlie sloughs this off as just part of her spring cleaning, but that doesn’t satisfy him. “I just find it strange that you made your way into our lives and just a few weeks later my mother leaves us”, he insists. “Maybe you need a girlfriend, someone to suck your cock. Maybe that would take your mind off things”, she says sarcastically. He’s disgusted as she continues to taunt him.

He declares that he’s planning to move out of the house, and that wipes the smile off stepmom’s face, ending the conversation. That night, Charlie sneaks quietly into her son’s room while he’s asleep and carefully lies down on the bed next to him without awakening Ricky. Clad in revealing lingerie, she begins masturbating, removing her panties to reveal a bald, wet pussy. He’s still sleeping, as she gets under the covers and grabs his cock inside his underwear.

Ricky wakes up with a start and confronts his stepmom: “What the hell are you doing in my room?”. She shushes him, warning him not to wake up his dad. She says she just had a fight with his father, and hopes that Ricky will let her sleep with him for the night. He sees she’s not wearing any panties and naturally asks what gives, and Charlie lies, saying she doesn’t wear them at night “because it’s not really healthy”.

As they get more personal in the conversation, Charlie confesses that she only married his dad because she was interested in Ricky -sort of a love at first sight reaction. Her stepson doesn’t know what to think -is she handing him some kind of a line? “You’re the one I’ve always wanted, Ricky -I’ve dreamt about this from the very beginning. Can’t you see I’m doing what’s best for you, for us?”, she says. He turns away, saying: “I’m so confused right now”. “I’m not”, she replies, adding: “I’m doing everything for you”, as she kisses him on the lips.

“You’re scaring me”, Ricky complains, but stepmom removes the blanket, revealing his hard-on sticking up in his briefs. She strokes it, murmuring: “I want to be your everything”. Ricky continues to resist, but concedes: “That feels so good…but you’re my stepmom!”. “Do you want me to stop, really?”, she responds. He tries to get her to stop, but his cock is standing straight up, and Charlie puts on more pressure by spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy in front of him. At the last moment as she’s kissing him again, he realizes it was Charlie! Charlie who took his mom out. Charlie, the manipulative stepmom, always wanted to be a mother, so much so that she would take his biological mom out of the equation. Will Ricky be able to stop himself from touching her? Even after all that he knows? Watch the taboo scene unfold…