Charlie Forde – Coach Driller

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Charlie Forde – Coach Driller

The school coach (Ryan Driller) visits the home of his player Holden (Elias Cash) and is greeted by his stepmother Mary (Charlie Forde). When Holden comes downstairs he immediately starts arguing with his coach, accusing him of being a master manipulator. The coach announces that he’s dropping Holden from the team, because he’s not a team player and hasn’t been participating in team activities like the other boys.

The two guys nearly come to blows when Holden accuses the coach of making a pass at his girlfriend, and that the real reason he’s taking him off the team is to cover up the scandal that might cost him his job. As their name-calling escalates, Mary puts her foot down and separates the two men, announcing: “I think this is going too far. I think I can solve this”. She sits the two of them down in the living room and asks: “I want you both to say something nice about each other”.

Begrudgingly, the coach praises Holden for being smart and earning good grades. Holden chimes in, saying the coach is good at his job and helps the team win. The temperature in the room has cooled a bit, but soon the guys are getting insulting again and she has to separate them to avoid a fight. Mary supports both of them. The coach has been disparaging Holden as unable to get any girl, but Mary disagrees, and to prove it she suddenly kisses her stepson on the lips in a very-unmotherly way. Both men are taken aback by this unexpected turn of events, with Mary declaring: “Holden’s a great kisser. Better than you, maybe”.

Driller begs to differ, and plants a smooch of his own on Mary’s lips. Holden gets up and declares: “It looks like we’ve proved a point here. Maybe we should stop before this gets out of hand”. “You know, coach is right. Sometimes even if you think you’re right you should let the other guy win”, Mary insists. The coach agrees to keep Holden on the team and not permit any more humiliation of him. Holden still objects, but the coach points out: “Come on, you’ve seen enough porn to know where this is heading”. “If he’s staying, then I’m staying!”, Holden insists.

“Just admit it, you want to lay your mom”, coach says with a leering smile. “Hey, you don’t need to fight over me”, Mary declares. At her request, the guys whip out their dicks for her to compare. She checks them out and then has second thoughts, unsure whether this is such a good idea. They disagree, and Mary relents: “Okay, maybe just a little bit more. And then we should wrap up this game”. As the guys take turns kissing her, Mary gingerly strokes both their cocks at the same time. They remove her dress and start kissing her breasts. “You guys have got me so worked up. It’s only fair if you finish the game, I guess”, Mary says. Watch the taboo scene, complete with double penetration, unfold…

Charlie Forde - Coach Driller
Charlie Forde – Coach Driller