Carmela Clutch & Brookie Blair I’ll Take the Blame 2

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Carmela has a bit of an unusual history with her stepson, Johnny. Way back when, the two made a deal that if Johnny took the blame for Carmela’s car accident, he could use her freely, getting to fuck her whenever he desired. The deal went great, and the two of them ended up having a lot of fun fucking around. Now, Johnny is back, bringing his bestfriend, Brookie, with him. When they catch Carmela sending raunchy videos to someone who is not her husband, the deal Johnny made with her is set back in motion. Brookie wants in on the fun, as she thinks Carmela is a smoking hot milf, too. Carmela agrees, remembering all the fun they had the first time around. Now, she gets to have twice the fun. Whether it’s Johnny’s cock, or Brookie fucking her with a strap-on, Carmela is signed up for a wild amount of filthy hardcore sex, whenever, where ever!