Caitlin Bell & Kenzie Taylor You Know Us So Well

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Kenzie Taylor and Caitlin Bell, a married couple, are bickering as Caitlin tries to clean up the living room. Codey Steele, their stepson, is about to enter the living room when he sees them bickering. He is concerned as he observes them briefly. Codey then greets the stepmoms and tries to improve the mood, though it’s still tense.

Codey becomes more worried, admitting that he’s afraid they’ll divorce. Kenzie and Caitlin admit to knowing they have things they need to work through, including how to be physically close again. Codey begins suggesting ways for them to reconnect. He starts by suggesting a shoulder rub, which Caitlin and Kenzie agree to.

Caitlin gives Kenzie a shoulder rub, slowly reconnecting while there are hints of sparks. Everyone starts to relax, and Kenzie suggests that Codey could give Caitlin a shoulder rub at the same time. Codey agrees to it, and they form a massage train as Codey rubs Caitlin’s shoulders while Caitlin continues massaging Kenzie.

Feeling much happier, Kenzie and Caitlin apologize to each other for arguing, and get flirty with each other as well. Then they both start to come onto Codey, insisting that his attentiveness is what helped them reconnect and is what they’re missing in their lives. They invite him to have sex with them. Codey is shocked, but the stepmoms assure him that this will be a great way to reconnect as a family. He wants to keep the family together, plus his dick is hard from having two beautiful women getting flirty with him, so he gives in. It’s time to bring this family even closer together!