Bunny Madison – My Mother the Working Girl

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Bunny Madison – My Mother the Working Girl

Stepmother Bunny Madison is on the phone with a strange man and her son, Ricky (Spanish), eavesdrops on the conversation. She hears him make a noise, and her heart jumps! Did he hear her? She bites her lip as she follows him to his bedroom to discuss what he heard and discovers that her stepson has heard every word! He knows his sweet stepmother is cheating on his dad.

She explains that she promised his father never to tell, but she had been an “ahem,” lady of the night when they first met. The idea was actually that of Ricky’s late mother, who was ill and wanted her husband to be with other women. His dad loved Ricky’s biological mom, and although he never meant to fall in love with another woman, the inevitable happened. Bunny became Ricky’s stepmom and is the breadwinner of the home. Is she cheating on his dad? No. He knows about her keeping her original profession.

Ricky’s mind is blown. He has only thought positive and lovely thought about his stepmom, whom he looks at with admiration as his “mom.” Ricky can’t deny that Bunny is incredible, not just sophisticated and beautiful, but she is sexy. Sexy. The idea of her sneaking into the beds of faceless men turns him on. Ladies of the night aren’t supposed to be as wholesome and sweet as his mom. How could this be?

Bunny pets him as she explains her work with affection and strength. She enjoys sex. Ricky considers if it’s wrong for a woman to enjoy sex so much, especially a woman that is to be his mother.

Ricky’s a virgin. He knows nothing of sex. Bunny looks into his big brown eyes and sees the only way to show him how her career is fun and not a big deal is to give him a little taste. She doesn’t intend to go all the way, of course, that’s just not what a stepmother does!

Dressed only in her slip, Bunny gets up, turns music on her phone and dances for Ricky, and pretends to be his fantasy girl, giving him a lap dance. She begins role-playing, and quickly her son is excited. Ricky goes along with the fantasy, convinced that his stepmom is really good at her job. As she lowers her slip to reveal her breasts, she asks: “Are you getting weak, young man?”, and rubs her bare bottom against his massive hard-on, sticking up inside his pants. After she removes her panties, they kiss, and Ricky reveals: “You’ve always been my fantasy girl, mom”. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Bunny Madison - My Mother the Working Girl
Bunny Madison – My Mother the Working Girl