Aubry Babcock – Rehearsal

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Aubry (Babcock) is at the bathroom mirror, practicing her lines for a class exercise of acting, in which she’ll be taped performing a scene. Her pesky little stepbrother (Jimmy Michaels) interrupts as almost a heckler, but much to her surprise, he offers to help her rehearse.

The teacher assigned students to come up with a backstory for the scenes being presented, and Aubry admits hers was inspired by her dad being unfaithful to her stepmom. She wants to portray a housewife, at least a decade older than she is, and Jimmy questions the believability of such a casting. In Aubry’s bedroom they discuss their real-life parents, and Jimmy is quick to defend his mom (who Aubry describes as crazy) The stepbrother comes up with an alternative storyline.

“What’s something age-related and taboo that we could do?”, he wonders, suggesting: “Hint: I’m your age”. Aubry laughs at this suggestion. “Just imagine a version where we live together, and play ourselves”, he proposes. Aubry takes him up on it, and first tries an acting exercise her teacher mentioned: staring at someone for an extended time, to make them love you -by force of will. Jimmy has trouble not bursting out laughing under her gaze. Next she starts flirting with him, and while Jimmy is uncomfortable, he can’t help but be impressed by big sister’s outgoing personality.

When she asks to kiss him, he’s had enough and is ready to leave, but Aubry forcefully pushes him down on her bed. Sitting down on top of him she kisses him repeatedly and gets the flustered boy to admit that he loves her. But he’s had enough and is about ready to leave, when Aubry complains -she’s gotten all worked up, so why quit now? “I’m scared to see where this is going”, Jimmy admits. “Your body doesn’t lie”, she contends, as she feels his hard-on through his pants.

“Don’t think, just feel”, Aubry purrs, as she sits atop him again and they kiss. “Just admit it, you always wanted to kiss and fuck your sister”, she announces in triumph. She grinds away on his lap and then removes her top and bra, revealing large breasts to her stepbrother. Jimmy begins worshiping them with his mouth and hands. She unzips his slacks and removes them and Jimmy’s underpants to reveal a big cock ready for action, declaring: “Thanks for the help, bro”. As she admires the view, she murmurs: “Your dick is so nice, bro”, adding: “I never thought my brother would have a dick like this”, as she begins stroking it. “I guess we should really be thanking mom -good genes”, she jokes. After asking if she can taste it, Aubry puts his cock deep into her mouth, while maintaining eye contact. Watch the taboo scene slowly unfold…