Artemisia Love Stepmoms Hot Workout

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Ricky Spanish and Juan Loco are playing video games when Ricky’s stepmom, Artemisia Love tries to tell them to get off the couch. She tells them they need to work out or they’ll never be able to please their future wives. When the boys ignore her, she flounces off into her bedroom to change into some appropriate workout clothes that highlight her curves and give her some serious camel toe. Grabbing a whistle, Artemisia blows it to get the boys’ attention and orders them off the couch.

In their surprise, Ricky and Juan do as they are told. She begins by demonstrating some stretches to do before exercising, which just shows off her body even better. When Artemisia realizes that both boys have boners, she suggests that both boys fuck her since working out makes her hot as hell and she wants to show off how tight her pussy is. She gets down on her knees between the boys so she can demonstrate that she knows just how to handle two dicks at once by blowing and stroking.

Getting on her knees, Artemisia gives her full attention to Juan in a deep throat BJ as Ricky eats her out and then fucks her in doggy. Juan gets to experience the tightness of Artemisia’s velvet glove when she rides his hardon while blowing Ricky. Ricky gets to enjoy Artemisia on her back as he gives it to his bigtit milfy stepmom whose mouth is busy on Juan’s cock. Juan is the first to cum, blowing his load on those lovely boobies. A moment later, Ricky pulls out for his own cum shot across Artemisia’s belly. She tells the boys if they quit with the video games maybe they can all do this again.