Amiee Cambridge – BBC Bully Vol 3

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Amiee Cambridge – BBC Bully Vol 3

The Favor-

Amiee hears her doorbell ringing so she rushes to the door to see who it is. She is wearing a floral blue bathrobe as she opens the door for a man named Ace. ‘Hi, I’m Jonathon’s friend and he told me to stop by your house…’ Ace says to her. ‘Oh, how exciting! I’ve been waiting for Jonathon’s friends to stop by!’ she exclaims. He tells her that he doesn’t know why he is here exactly. So Amiee starts to explain it to him. ‘Jonathon and I have come to an arrangement where I take care of his needs… and now I want to take care of his friends’ needs…’ she begins to tell him. The pair walk over to her living room couch and she starts to give him a blowjob. He has a BBC and she tells him that her husband has been neglecting her needs lately. Once his cock is nice and hard, she climbs on top of him and she starts to ride his cock in the cowgirl position. She flips over into the reverse cowgirl position and she continues to ride his cock with her pussy. She sucks his cock one more time, and then she leads him into the bedroom…

Gym Pump-

Amiee brings Ace into her bedroom, so they can continue having some fun. She climbs on top of him and she moves into the 69 position, so he can eat her pussy out at the same time that she sucks his cock. She cums on his face, and then he starts to fuck her pussy in the doggystyle position. She lies down on her back and he fucks her pussy in the missionary position some more. Sweat drips down his body as she sucks his cock again. She licks his sweat and then swallows his cum!

Bed and Shower Swallow-

He lifts Amiee up and he carries her into the bathroom so they can take a shower together. Amiee leans against the wall of the shower, so Ace can fuck her pussy from behind. They move to the opposite side of the shower and he continues to fuck her pussy from behind. Amiee’s moan gets louder and louder as the water falls down beside them. Then she gets down on her knees and she sucks his cock until he cums in her mouth! ‘Sorry about the water pressure! I’ll make sure to have that fixed by next time,’ she giggles.

Amiee Cambridge - BBC Bully Vol 3
Amiee Cambridge – BBC Bully Vol 3