Alison Rey A Mom’s Job is To Ask

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Alison Rey is having a relaxing day… until she finds a laptop sitting out with porn on it. She’s shocked as she realizes that the laptop belongs to none other than her stepson, Jay Romero. As awkward as it is, it seems like it’s finally time to have a real talk with him.

When she calls out to Jay to join her, he’s nervous. Alison gently brings up the laptop and what was on it, which mortifies Jay. It’s revealed that he mostly resorts to watching sexy videos because he’s too shy to approach real women. But as Alison encourages him to open up more, it soon becomes obvious that it’s because he’s too afraid to approach ALISON!

Alison is stunned to learn that her own stepson has a crush on her. But when Jay becomes upset, thinking that he’s ruined EVERYTHING between them, Alison has to do whatever she can to keep his confidence from being dashed. Even if that means giving into Jay’s greatest fantasy!