Alex Coal & Silvia Saige – A Fine Young Man

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Sex scene 1: Alex Coal and Nathan Bronson

Laura (Alex Coal) is beyond excited, thee hottest guy from her theatre club, Harrison (Nathan Bronson) is coming to rehearse at her home. The only problem is her stepmother, Dorothy (Sylvia Saige), is a hopeless flirt and Laura insists on getting her out of the house before he arrives. What Dorothy doesn’t know is that Laura plans to make tonight the night she loses her virginity, that is, if she can get a kiss from the handsome young man. Playful, sensual sex scene.

Sex Scene 2: Silvia Saige and Nathan Bronson

Dorothy comes home right before she catches Alex in the dirty act! Dorothy, as usual, is her same sweet flirty self and it enrages her stepdaughter so much that Laura (Alex Coal) storms off to her bedroom. Now that Dorothy has this fine young man alone, what will she do? (Seductive sex scene involves taboo talk).